Top 10 Mattress Brands 2018 | Web Popularity Comparison

Web Popularity Comparison

Comparison: Web Popularity

This is our first comparison and so it made sense to initially test out the popularity of the many mattress brands circulating the market. It is clear that 2018 has been the landmark year of the mattress in a box brands. Many readers will have spotted the countless ads populating their Facebook feeds and one such company (Eve Sleep) has even recently turned to prime time TV advertising. This growing market has become ultra fierce with even the American giants Casper and Leesa struggling to enjoy the same level of momentum as enjoyed on their own turf. They and their rivals were put to the test across 3 such metrics to measure popularity (via Alexa, Facebook & Google). presents global site rankings based on visitor counts. We used the local (UK) ranks that are sorted by local IP visits whilst for social media we simply noted Facebook page Like counts. Going off Alexa/FB alone skews the data since Loaf and Made sell a much wider range of products. This is where the Google search query metric helps to balance things out where local search tallies for “Brand + Mattress” shows who’s trending. Across this trio of groupings points will be available for any top 10 finishes and we’ll then rank the combined tally. To qualify for a listing a company had to offer a 100 night sleep trial (or greater) for in-house built mattresses.

Top 10 Mattress Brands: Web Popularity 2018

Alexa UK Rankings

1) Made ( #1212 (10pts)

2) Dreams ( #3313 (9pts)

3) Simba ( #6890 (8pts)

4) Loaf ( #8473 (7pts)

5) Eve ( #10,448 (6pts)

6) Casper ( #12,458 (5pts)

7) Otty ( #26,276 (4pts)

8) Emma ( #30,704 (3pts)

9) Leesa ( #44,368 (2pts)

10) Tempur ( #44,933 (1pt)

*Loaf & Made sell general furniture and so their sector market share would be much smaller.

Facebook Like Rankings

1) Made: 1,297,211 (10pts)

2) Casper: 608,726 (9pts)

3) Tempur: 367,585 (8pts)

4) Simba: 210,794 (7pts)

5) Loaf: 127,306 (6pts)

6) Leesa: 125,968 (5pts)

7) Eve: 115,123 (4pts)

8) Rem-Fit: 110,346 & 3966 (3pts)

9) Emma: 47,658 (2pts)

10) Dreams: #36,778 (1pt)

*Made’s profile benefited them again, but in this target niche Casper and Tempur are way out in front. On Facebook companies tend to have multiple pages targeting various regions. Facebook then combines the fan counts for all areas, but redirects you to the localised page (there is a switch region option in the menu). Rem-Fit however just had 2 split pages and so these tallies were combined above.

Google Query Rankings

1) Eve: 74K (10pts)

2) Simba: 40.5K (9pts)

3) Tempur: 22.2K (8pts)

4) Dreams: 18.1k (7pts)

5) Casper: 14.8K (6pts)

6) Emma: 12.1K (7pts)

7) Leesa: 9.9K (4pts)

8) Otty: 3.6K (3pts)

9) Bruno: 720 (2pts)

10) Loaf: 480 (1pt)

*Both Eve and Emma use “Mattress” in their domain names that would boost up search volume counts, but not by a significant amount since they each use the single name for branding. We only scored local search volume here, but to give you an idea of how big the American brands measure up in their own country, Casper’s USA tally was 301K and Leesa’s was 110K.

Final Scorecard: Top 10 Brands | Most Popular 2018…

1) Simba: 24pts
Simba Mattress

2-4) Casper: 20pts
Casper Mattress

2-4) Eve: 20pts
Eve Mattress

2-4) Made: 20pts
Made Mattress

5-6) Dreams: 17pts
Dreams Beds

5-6) Tempur: 17pts
Tempur Mattress

7) Loaf: 14pts
Loaf Mattress

8) Emma: 12pts
Emma Mattress

9) Leesa: 11pts
Leesa Mattress

10) Otty: 7pts
Otty Mattress


We used just 3 metrics to measure popularity and will be adding more soon, especially since there was lots of ties in the most recent update. The data as it stands at least helps to provide an insight on who’s performing better than others on the popularity front. One handy stat that could have helped to demonstrate market share would have been company turnovers. This wasn’t however possible as they were almost always unreported. The data for this study was collected in March 2018 (last updated in July).

Data Recorded July-18.