Privacy Policy

Welcome to Best Mattress Deals.

About: is a newly formed comparison service that will profile and compare the leading mattress brands available on 100 night trials. We’ll be exploring product pricing and deals, as well as investigating other things such as brand popularity and customer reviews. This project was built from scratch in early March 2018 and so it will take a few months for the content to start to take shape. The comparisons will however become the early focus and we’ll then get round to adding the profiles for each featured company. The initial important task was to add this privacy policy page to inform on what data is tracked and how this benefits us.


The WordPress platform is used here. When setting this up a range of plugins are installed. One of the first was StatCounter that tracks web analytics. This enables us to monitor and improve our performance as we age. There are also some benefits on the admin front such as checking server status and marking suspicious IPs. Every webmaster keeps a track of how well they are performing across a range of metrics. There are just a few that we ourselves pay attention to. A central one is the number of site visits for the day where the target is to see continual growth whilst most popular pages helps to identity content that can be built upon and trends.

The visit length stat is important to boost user experience where more value would link in with increased browsing times. Referring sites then alerts to visits from related sites, search engines, social media etc. In the early stages of development the bulk number will flow in from Google who are the dominant player with almost 90% market share in search. There is also a stat that displays the variation between desktop and mobile views. With smartphone usage continually on the rise, we have added the WPTouch plugin that shows a mobile optimised theme on detection. We would however advise visiting from a computer for the best user experience. This is the only way to view the trending widgets.

Partner Ads:

Partner adverts will be mixed in with the content as it is built up over the coming months. These are added to help compensate such things as domain & hosting fees, premium plugins, promotion etc. Profits (if made) will be reinvested back into the project. Google AdSense may be added in time, but it is more likely that affiliate partnerships will be entered. This could be directly with the mattress brands discussed or via Amazon UK where many companies choose to sell through. They have an excellent reputation and their pricing is always competitive. As an unbiased resource we will only ever recommend products that score the highest for customer feedback and value.


Analytics and adverts are tracked the same way whereby a cookie is marking a user’s IP and then following their pathway taken. Cookies can be blocked or restricted through the browser settings. Making changes isn’t advised for anyone that uses shopping sites or social media. The reason being that cookies must be switched on for carts to function whilst with social logins the cookie remembers your details so that the info doesn’t have to be re-typed on return visits. Mobile detection and sharing buttons also track as described above. Emails entered when the contact form is filled in are never passed on to third parties. We also don’t ask for emails on our own review forms.

Final Notes:

Privacy policy amendments will occur on a frequent basis.


Last Update: March 7th, 2018.