The Mattress Buying Checklist | Got These 20 Points Covered?

The Mattress Buying Checklist

When you buy a new mattress you start to look more forward to bed time and that added comfort will be sure to boost the quality of your sleep. This is of course an expensive purchase to make (especially with a bed frame) and so it is critical to find the best suited design at the right price! The companies we feature do offer 100 night trials and so the opportunity is always there to return, but you do want to get it right the first time around. It is important to know exactly what you’re looking for and so this mattress buying checklist will run through 20 basic points to consider before placing that order.


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Top 5 Trustpilot Rankings March 2019


#1 UK Review Portal

Simba Mattress

1) Simba
94% (8693)

Eve Mattress

2) Eve
94% (3328)

Otty Mattress

3) Otty
93% (3305)

Sleeping Duck Mattress

4) Sleeping Duck
92% (250)

Rem-Fit Mattress

5) Rem-Fit
91% (237)

*Review count marked in brackets.