Price Comparison: Cheapest Mattresses UK (with Trials)


This price comparison listing combines all of the mattresses that we have profiled to date. These are in-house designs that are available on trials (in most cases across 100 nights). With the exception of Loaf’s designs, all are foam mattress in a box creations, often combined with springs as a hybrid. To examine the cheapest mattresses UK, we took the standard price in 4 sizes (single, double, king & super king). A mean average price was then calculated from this to enable sorting. The reason for this is that some brands are only cheaper than others in select sizes, but not in others, and so the mean average quoted provides a more accurate representation of value.

A growing sector trend has seen some firms release supporting budget models. These designs usually have a depth of around 20cm (rather than 30cm) and so there is a chunky layer of foam missing that would lower overall comfort. Most feedback for said cheap mattresses has been supportive though and you of course have that trial period on your side. Outside of finding a cheap mattress, it may be worth considering a new bed frame as well as bedding, pillows etc. When combining products like this it can be a good idea to apply for the 0% finance deals that are widely available. Below the main rankings, we’ll also include the top 10 rankings with current deals attached.


100 Night Trial Mattress Comparison | Best Mattresses UK

100 Night Trial Mattress Comparison

Comparison: Central Listing

A range of comparisons have now been compiled investigating such things as brand popularity, reviews and the pricing of beds and mattresses when bundled. More of these submissions will follow as we continue to build up market data, but this particular comparison will be set as the central listing including full pricing across the 4 most popular sizes, alongside info on beds, delivery, finance, offers plus further insights. To compare the best mattresses UK, we have strictly added brands that offer 100+ night trials. This guarantee helps, but we hope that this is never required and that you find the perfect mattress that you’re 100% happy with. We’ll follow up with our own 5 favourite picks soon.


Top 10 Mattress Brands 2019 | Best Mattress Reviews Comparison


The comparison chart above compiles external customer feedback from a range of review portals. The primary portals are and Trustpilot. No mattress brands use Feefo or Review Centre and so we looked elsewhere and collected further data from Amazon and Sleepopolis. From the 4 data sources we then calculated a mean average percentage score. Obviously, the accuracy of this score will continue to improve each time that all of the stats are refreshed. We’ll aim to do this on a monthly basis. As it stands, it makes sense to pay more attention to how well the mattress brands are performing on Trustpilot where there are more listings and higher rating counts.

This is why we listed Trustpilot’s top 5 rankings in the 2nd chart. As it stands, the main combined chart sees the issue where some brands are only listed on a single portal such as Hugge and Rem-Fit. In contrast, Leesa were featured on all 4 and still averaged over 90%, as did Eve. It was surprising that America’s mattress giant Casper wasn’t placed higher and then there was Tempur. Whilst they claim to rank number 1 in consumer satisfaction in the UK, they charted rock bottom here. It is true that they aren’t directing customers to external review sites (as competitors do), but it is clear that their pricing is just too high (£1379 to £3899).


Top 10 Mattress Brands 2018 | Web Popularity Comparison

Web Popularity Comparison

Comparison: Web Popularity

This is our first comparison and so it made sense to initially test out the popularity of the many mattress brands circulating the market. It is clear that 2018 has been the landmark year of the mattress in a box brands. Many readers will have spotted the countless ads populating their Facebook feeds and one such company (Eve Sleep) has even recently turned to prime time TV advertising. This growing market has become ultra fierce with even the American giants Casper and Leesa struggling to enjoy the same level of momentum as enjoyed on their own turf. They and their rivals were put to the test across 3 such metrics to measure popularity (via Alexa, Facebook & Google). presents global site rankings based on visitor counts. We used the local (UK) ranks that are sorted by local IP visits whilst for social media we simply noted Facebook page Like counts. Going off Alexa/FB alone skews the data since Loaf and Made sell a much wider range of products. This is where the Google search query metric helps to balance things out where local search tallies for “Brand + Mattress” shows who’s trending. Across this trio of groupings points will be available for any top 10 finishes and we’ll then rank the combined tally. To qualify for a listing a company had to offer a 100 night sleep trial (or greater) for in-house built mattresses.


April Recommendations with Easter Deals (Casper & Eve: Banners Above)

Casper: 15% discount | Promo code: CRACKINGDEAL

* Casper Essential = #2 cheapest mattress design with deals. They also offer Original, as well as bed frames & other accessories.

Eve: 30% discount on £450+ spend | Promo code: Sent by email

* Eve Light = #1 Cheapest mattress design with deals. Light is Amazon-only (View Page). They also offer Hybrid, Original & Premium, as well as bed frames & other accessories.

Top 5 Trustpilot Rankings March 2019


#1 UK Review Portal

Simba Mattress

1) Simba
94% (8693)

Eve Mattress

2) Eve
94% (3328)

Otty Mattress

3) Otty
93% (3305)

Sleeping Duck Mattress

4) Sleeping Duck
92% (250)

Rem-Fit Mattress

5) Rem-Fit
91% (237)

*Review count marked in brackets.