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Drift Mattress

About White Rabbit Corporation Ltd (Drift Sleep)

Update (Drift Closed): This mattress brand is no longer trading. We’ll run through the specs as they were set prior to closure. This company was formed back in 2016 by Adam Black and Matthew Hardcastle who had worked with Harrison Spinks on the design. This was certainly an impressive design built with an incredible 4900 pocket springs in super king. It also came with a natural sleep surface and natural heat regulating wool layer. Early market growth was impressive (7400+ Facebook), but soon enough we noticed stock issues and Drift’s social media pages later paused in April 2017. There was also a compulsory strike-off action at Companies House and was later taken down without notice…


Brighter Mattress Review |

Brighter Mattress

About The Brighter Mattress Co Ltd

Update (Brighter Closed): This mattress brand has recently closed similar to Drift. Learning of this closure wasn’t a big surprise since there had been many stock issues and they hadn’t updated their social media pages since March 2017. They had actually got off to a great start growing 3200+ Facebook fans and the early Sleepopolis and Trustpilot reviews were favourable. We’ll follow up here with the product specs as they were. This Liverpool-based project was launched in 2016 by the family team of Alan and Quentin Clayson. Brighter’s all-foam mattress was the only product pitched at The design was styled well in grey and white with a vibrant orange label…


Rem-Fit Mattress Review |

Rem-Fit Mattress

About Shine Capital Europe Ltd (Rem-Fit)

Chicago-based Rem-Fit (stands for Rest, Energise, Motivate) launched in the United States in 2014 with the local launch appearing to have gone through in late 2016. This is a project from James Bell of Protect-A-Bed (JAB Distributors Llc) who created mattress protectors focused on allergens, bed bugs and dust. They are very successful in their home country with Protect-A-Bed supplying to 7 of the 11 top bedding specialists in the States. Rem’s UK arm runs through Shine Capital Europe Ltd. They offer 3 mattresses, protective sheets, smart pillows and a few tech gadgets. The 3 choices include the Sleep 400, the 500 & the 500 Ortho. All are hybrid designs with cool gel and pocket springs…


Sleeping Duck Mattress Review |

Sleeping Duck Mattress

About Sleeping Duck UK Ltd

Australia’s Sleeping Duck brand was developed by Selvam Sinnappan and Winston Wijeyeratne back in 2014. UK expansion soon followed in 2015. This company benefited greatly from their appearance on Shark Tank AUS that was screened in summer 2017 (season 3, episode 5). On this show they opted to turn down the deal put forward. Whilst many sector brands tend to package a range of sleeping products, there is currently just a mattress available locally, although they may in time add the bed base (plus other accessories) that are strictly available in their home country. On there are AUS/UK switching modes only, but they do ship overseas to France, Ireland, Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland…


Tempur Mattress Review |

Tempur Mattress

About Tempur UK Ltd

Tempur’s local arm was formed in 1992 (using Pedic in the name), with the change following in 2000. Robert B. Trussell Jr launched the main Stateside outfit also in 1992 in Lexington, Kentucky. Skip forward to 2012 and they would become the world’s largest bedding company when they joined forces with the historic Sealy Corporation. has been a popular choice with local buyers, but their mattresses come at a premium, always priced between £1379 and £3899. There are 4 such collections including Cloud, Contour, Hybrid and Sensation. There are then 3 variants within each (Elite, Luxe, Supreme). We are primarily focused today on their Hybrid mattress (Elite trim) that is their newest creation rolled out in 2016…


Loaf Mattress Review |

Loaf Mattress

About Really Comfy Beds Ltd

Loaf’s story began in December 2008 when Charlie Marshall started up The Sleep Room that would later rebrand in October 2012 when they headed to They have 7 Shacks (showrooms) with 3 in London and single stores in Guildford, Solihull, St Albans & Wilmslow. A wide range of furniture is built by connected family-run businesses. This company is today turning over £41.35m, compared to rival Made’s £127.04m. With mattresses, there are 5 options all available on 100 night trials. Non of which are boxed foam designs and so we are just covering their best seller here (the Loaf Perfect mattress). We’ll add a few notes on the others in the products section…


Made Mattress Review |

Made Mattress

About Design Ltd

This luxury retailer was formed in 2010 by Ning Li alongside Chloe Macintosh and Julien Callede. Made’s approach taken was to work with leading designers to develop high-end furniture at a competitive price. Cutting down on costs has been achieved by taking such steps as commissioning factories to meet orders and focusing on online sales. They use 3 showrooms to further promote their products. As well as the UK, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland are all served through There are various beds and mattresses pitched, but we are specially focusing on the trial option. This was The One Mattress by Made (launched November 2015), although they later split 3 variants (Hybrid, Memory and Natural)…


Hyde & Sleep Mattress Review |

Hyde & Sleep Mattress

About Dreams Ltd (was Hyde & Sleep Ltd)

Just to firstly note that the site has recently been closed, but the products are still available. Visits to this site now redirect to a dedicated page on (Dreams is the brand owner). Hyde & Sleep itself was launched by Andrew Tyler back in 2016. There is one such design called Hybrid Plus, but this is split across 3 such styled mattresses. The options by firmness are medium (blueberry), firm (raspberry) and very firm (orange). You can also choose between standard or rolled (in a box). This company benefits from the backing of Dreams who are the UK’s leading high street bed retailer in business since 1985 with a network of just under 200 stores…


Bruno Mattress Review |

Bruno Mattress

German start-ups have a good understanding of this booming industry. Frankfurt’s Emma is the newest and they would have certainly been inspired by Berlin’s Bruno from Andreas Bauer and Felix Baer that was started up in 2014 (those names help to provide a hint on the bear theme). The local arrival via went through a few months into 2016. They otherwise operate in Austria, France, Netherlands and Switzerland. Unfortunately, it may be the case that this British arm may soon close down. On this most recent check and also on the previous one, all products (beds and mattresses) were all out of stock in every size. Their Facebook page also hasn’t been updated since Summer 2018…


Hugge Mattress Review |

Hugge Mattress

About Hugge Ltd

This brand (styled as HÜGGE) was brought to market in November 2016 by Paul Francis who used crowdfunding to get the project up and running. Scandinavian influenced mattresses has been the key inspiration for this company that also explains their naming. Hugge’s team operates just outside of Cambridge and they serve the UK only through This is a big name to watch out for and many people will already be familiar with them through their retail connections such as Harrods. The product range here is small, but we did notice on the most recent update that a bed frame is now available. The promotions on mattresses as before remain very competitive…


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Top 5 Trustpilot Rankings March 2019


#1 UK Review Portal

Simba Mattress

1) Simba
94% (8693)

Eve Mattress

2) Eve
94% (3328)

Otty Mattress

3) Otty
93% (3305)

Sleeping Duck Mattress

4) Sleeping Duck
92% (250)

Rem-Fit Mattress

5) Rem-Fit
91% (237)

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